What Attendees Have to Say:

“Dr. Nager is a dynamic speaker. He was also very patient in answering questions. I enjoyed the slides and the fact that Dr. Nager held my interest for three hours through his humor and light approach.”

“Most relevant perio lecture I have had in 13 years.”

“I was looking for more ways to integrate periodontics into my general practice—changes will be made on Monday!”

“Great energy and personality! Knowledgeable of current information.”

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The Periodontally-Oriented Restorative Practice
I. Diagnosis, Scaling, and Root Planing
II. Reevaluation, Local Chemotherapeutics

Periodontal Disease and its Link to Systemic Health Problems
Fast-paced review of periodontal disease and its effect on overall health and disease.

Contemporary Dental Hygiene:
Cleaning Teeth or Providing Periodontal Treatment?

The Reason I Lecture

The reason I lecture is to be educational, informative, entertaining, and sincere. My goal is to affect a positive change in attitude, and increase awareness, of the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease in the office of the general dentist.

Periodontal Presentations for the Dentist, Hygienist, and Assistant
Too often the dentist, or staff person attends a lecture with great ideas, however they never seem to implement these ideas in their offices. Why? They didn't all hear the same message. The most successful courses occur when the general dentist, the hygienist, and the assistant together, hear the same thoughts and ideas.

Together they learn and discuss the ways to improve the periodontal diagnosis and treatment of patients in their practices. Together they can make changes that will ultimately achieve a better level of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease for the patient. This, in turn, will renew and energize staff, who are capable of performing more than they currently do.


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